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"We'll do the work, the compliments are yours!"

  • Delicious close up of our Royal Collection Petits Fours
  • Close up of the Coffee Lovers Collection
  • Our Mouthwatering Spice Petits Fours closeup
  • Tasty closeup of Grand Holiday Decorated Petits Fours
  • Sweet Treasures Cake Balls


Green County Foods has been serving the foodservice industry for over 30 years. Our customers love working with us, here's what they have to say:

Testimonial #1

“Green County Foods is always a pleasure to present. They [have] innovative, quality products in protective packaging. Green County Foods offers excellent service and is always very well received.” -Donna

Testimonial #2

“We are a small food broker. As a small business we look to partner with quality manufactures. “Quality” means: In six years of selling product I have never had a product complaint. Their delivery rate is 99% to my distributors. They are continually launching new and innovative products. Their customer service is responsive and helpful. We are proud to represent them.” -Paul

Testimonial #3

“Green County Foods is the BEST! The customer service is wonderful. Friendly, helpful and fun to talk with. The product is fabulous, fresh, beautiful, perfect in every way.” -Rita

"We'll do the work, the compliments are yours!"